Ying Ying Has Solid Massage Experiences & Will Provide You With HIGHLY Enjoyable Session!

She Is Able To Provide The HIGHLY Sought After Japanese Nuru B2B Massage. Do Try!

New! Sensual Teasing Chair For Happy Ending!

Please Call Or Text Ying Ying 盈盈 @ 8739 2077

Name: Ying Ying 盈盈
Age: 29
Attitude/GFE: Friendly & Service Oriented
Body: Slim, Busty & Sexy!
Boobs: Natural & Soft 34D
Height: 162cm
Weight: 45kg
Look: Pretty Babe With Seductive Look
Language: Chinese Text Or Calls Only
Location: East

Her Massage Package Includes:
[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Or 90 Mins]

Auto Roaming : 触摸全身
[Whole Body Roaming Is Allow During The Session But Please Be Gentle]

Oil Heating Machine : 温油精油仪器
[As Shown In The Pic Above, Essence Oil Will Be Added Which Heats Up & Further Enhance Oil Massage & HJ Effects]

Sensual Teasing Chair : 八爪情趣飞机椅
[New Play Toy To Help Elevate Your Sense During Happy Ending. Let Your Imagination Run Wild!]

Jap B2B Nuru Massage : 日式B2B按摩
[As Per Jap Style Massage, She Will Apply Nuru Gel & Will Use Body To Body Style To Grind & Massage Your Whole Body]

Whole Body Oil Massage : 全身推油
[Soothing & Relaxing. Close Your Eyes & Relax. You May Doze Off Eventually!]

Chinese Style Massage & Shiatsu : 中式按摩和指压
[Hardworking & Diligent. Good Experiences From Her That Will Help Loosen Stiff Muscle Aches]

Lymphatic Detoxification : 淋巴排毒
[Focuses On Pushing Factor In One Direction Which Helps Purge Impurities]

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头,颈,肩部按摩
[Look Forward To This After a Hard Day At Work! Let Her Magic Hands Work Through Your Head & Shoulder]

Back Kneeling Massage : 跪背
[She Will Balance Her Body Weight On Your Back & Massage With Her Knees]

Mosha : 磨砂
[Good For Skin Replacement & Remove Body Impurities. Do Request For This If You Like]

Facial Wash, Ear Candling, Ear Digging : 洗脸, 耳烛, 采耳
[Above Listed Services Are Available. Do Request Should You Need]

Pubic Hair Trimming : 修剪阴毛
[Trim Your Black Forest To Swee Swee & Nice Nice. Request Should You Need. Additional $20 Required]

Sexy A.K.A Teasing Massage : 性感调情按摩
[Lots Of Finger Teasing & Sexy Body Moves To Help Uplift Your Mood]

Prostate Massage : 前列腺保养
[Massage Acupoints Around Your Groin Area To Promote Better Blood Flow To Your Precious]

Juagen : 抓根
[Yes! She’s Pretty Good In This!]

HDLY : 海底捞月
[Varies Hands Technique & Movement On Your Precious & Balls]

Hand Job : 打飞机
[Half Naked By Now & She Have This Sexy Look On Her That Grows On You. Her Gentle & Sensational Hands Will Bring Intriguing Moments! Do Enjoy!]

Hand Job Using Pussy Stimulating Tool : 仿真阴道打飞机
[Using a Tool Which Will Be Used On Your Precious. The In-built Of The Tool Stimulate The Feel Of Inserting Your Precious Into Pussy. Additional $30 Required]

GFE : 女朋友感
[Sweet And Friendly Babe. First Timer, Please Take Care Of Her Bros]

Services that She don’t provides:
Services Not Mentioned Above.
Further Intimacies Depends On Your Chemistry With Her


$110/One Massage Package With 1 x HandJob/60 Mins


$130/Jap B2B Massage Or Sensual Teasing Chair + 1 x HandJob/60 Mins


$170/Jap B2B Massage Or Sensual Teasing Chair + 2 x HandJobs/90 Mins


$120/Pubic Hair Trimming With 1 x HandJob/60 Mins


$130/One Massage Package With 1 x Pussy Stimulation Tool HandJob/60 Mins

♥♥♥ Large Cozy Room Included ♥♥♥

Please Call Or Text Ying Ying 盈盈 @ 8739 2077